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Saltbox Atlanta is located at 1345 Seaboard Industrial Blvd NW Atlanta, GA 30318

We are the Concrete Class

As a team of e-commerce operators, logistics and technology professionals, we created Saltbox because we needed the solution ourselves. However, our passion and commitment grew as we realized how many other entrepreneurs needed it too. Eventually, that passion grew into a mission that now guides every decision we make.

We know the pain of finding modern, purpose-built warehouse space and how wide the gap is between those spaces and the co-working spaces available to our peers in the technology and services industries. Over and over, simply because we needed a 1,000 square feet of ‘warehouse’ space, we found ourselves facing a constant and frustrating tradeoff. Wherever we could find space, we would give up not only all of the modern conveniences that we value but also the thriving entrepreneurial communities that we needed to see our businesses thrive.

Eventually, we came to fondly refer to ourselves and those like us who have faced the same challenges as the Concrete Class--a diverse set of entrepreneurs that includes small-scale importers, exporters, distributors, makers, e-commerce operators, and the like. Essentially any entrepreneur whose business involves something more than a desk and a computer. At Saltbox, we intend to fix this problem. Our mission is simple--to ensure that every entrepreneur has a community to call home.

Community starts with us...

With experience from UPS, Airbnb, Palantir, Techstars, and Bridgewater Associates, and more importantly, experience dealing with the struggles of finding purpose-built spaces, our team at Saltbox is equipped to provide every resource you need to succeed.

Tyler Scriven
Co-Founder, CEO
Che Sharma
Paul D'Arrigo
Maxwell Bonnie
Claire Militana
Special Projects
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We’re proud that industry-leading investors believe in our mission — and in our ability to achieve it. Together, we’re working to ensure that every entrepreneur has a community to call home.

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