An Easy Way to Please Your Clients

Forget about long, painful searches for the right space. We can provide adaptable spaces and flexible leases to meet your clients’ needs — and our broker-friendly incentives will keep you coming back.

Refer a Client

One Location, Multiple Possibilities

Yes, you can have it all: first-class office space, warehousing for your product and materials, and a community to grow with.

Simple, Up-Front Revenue

We keep broker commissions clear and simple. They sign on, three months later you get a check.

Grow with Your Clients

Give your clients the flexibility for upward growth and get some of your own in return.

Compensation Structure

One-Month Rent Commission

We’ll pay a simple lump sum once your client has stayed three months.

One-Month Commission on Expansion

The first time your client expands to a larger space at Saltbox, you’ll earn another month’s commission.

5% CommissionAfter a Year

If your client stays at Saltbox past a year, you’ll receive 5% commission payments for the following year.

Is Saltbox right for your client?

If you know a small business, entrepreneur, or even a large company that needs a small space Saltbox can help. We'd love to hear from you!

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